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Full Version: Show your psp
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Hello to all,I wanted to open a thread like this because...well lets say I was bored.Anyways,you can show what psp you have if you want to.I'll start and show you my 1004 white black buttons weird analog pad psp XD.Of course modded with 6.60 me 1.8.If you want to show it you must put 2 pics:
1-The psp
2-The information system(where is your id)

Remember that it's optional and is only for having a nice timeSmile

Edit:I forgot to add the pics XD
[Image: SP_A0484.jpg]
[Image: SP_A0486.jpg]
2 in one, since the pic has both the psp and the system stuff.
[Image: Image0016.jpg]
no mac address cause lol e1000.
Never seen before a e1000.Too bad it doesn't have wifi
yeah, but even if it did i'd never use it. don't have any wifi hotspots anywhere around in 10-20 km radius.
yeah but what if you want to play with someone that has a 3000 psp per example?
Lets see if others are willing to show their pspsSmile
well, i only met one guy with a psp, and he used it for music/movies. i doubt i'll ever meet anyone who's both into the kinds of games i am, and has a psp. the psp's not as popular here really.
WTF guys all of you are using CFW

Nah just saying maybe its for hombrews and stuffs
not piracy related.
I use the cfw to make Isos from games,it's easier than downloading the game.Hombrew are also very handly,once my mouse stopped working so I used the psp as a mouse.If you have a 1000 psp(like me) you can use it as a remote control for the tv,dvd player,etc
This is me playing my favorite game for the PSP Big Grin And doing my favorite boss as my favorite character Big GrinD

This is a PSP 3000.

[Image: 30jrabp.jpg]

Here's my firmware Big Grin That is, custom firmware. What do I love about this firmware? I can run it or disable it at anytime (I don't think some of the installed firmwares do that?), it doesn't install to flash. Unfortunately, I have to load it everytime I load my PSP (setting clock rate at maximum for games and slightly slower than standard for the XMB), but that's not often since I utilize the sleep feature Big Grin

Also, gotta love the wallpaper Big Grin Features all of my favorite characters (well actually I like Sora too but for some reason the characters that have bad things happen to them, or a sad story anyway, I like them more; that's why I like Tidus so much [you can tell I like him that much because of the size of his picture compared to the others Tongue])

Unfortunately, I wish I could've gotten an e1000...nobody here has a PSP lol (regarding wifi). Although I do like the ability to connect to the internet, browse, call with Skype, download demos, etc. So maybe it is a good thing to have (got 2 wireless hotspots in the house Tongue ). I just wish there was someway my ingame wireless/ad-hoc would work with JPCSP Sad

Something else I'd like to mention before I wrap this up; if the game Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep was released on another console/handheld, or not released at all, there's a 90% or more chance I wouldn't have a PSP today, and never would've considered getting one.

P.S. What kind of games are you interested in Serio?

P.S.2. I'll update with smaller photos when my internet decides to load these captchas properly -_-

P.S.3. Could somebody please post a link to the rules? I've searched all over these forums and never found them, only mention of the rules. Is there a page where I can see specific rules?

[Image: 14lmr0g.jpg]
Yeah,Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep was the reason I bought mine.I can't dissable it,never unless I uninstall it but it's a hard method.I've got luck that my cousins have both 2 psp 3000.It doesnt show well in my pics(crappy phone) but I've got an ps3 theme.
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