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Full Version: Show your psp
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serio out of curiosity, what is the minimum wage in polland?

and btw you rock our world with the EURO! greece ftw!!!
around 1100 pln, that's around $320 or so.

too bad we didn't even finish building the highways for the euro. our politicians were more interested in taking a lot of that money into their pockets and bickering while the highways were barely touched, and then hired a cheap company that high tailed out of there after screwing their work up. lol.

until late 2011 they were scrapping the plans each year and restarting from scratch.
Ok I finally got the PopsLoader working! Not sure what I did but I can now finally play my PSX games Big Grin Sure's a lot better than having to buy them all over again...

Anyway, for some reason the only firmware versions the games work on are ones where Switch Discs won't work, and they happen to be multi-disc games (namely Final Fantasy VII-IX). So I just split them all up into multiple eboots, since you can save right before switching discs.

Oh yeah and I found a sweet memory card deal on Amazon, where you can get two 8 gb MicroSDHC cards, and it comes with two SD card adapters, and also one Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter, where both 8gbs can fit inside. I got all of this for like $12 including shipping, and it works PERFECTLY inside my PSP; put it in the slot first time, said it had to be formatted, formatted it, and then it worked like normal. Way better deal than paying twice that much for 8 gb. True, I think the cards are slower than other cards (4 mb/second), but I don't do a lot of writing to the cards anyway, unless I'm doing a data install (which I'm not as I'm filling this card up with PSX games Tongue ), or transferring over said PSX games. Still cool. I'm saving my other higher performance cards for doing the data installs and saves for other games.

And if I ever get tired of those memory cards used for the PSP, I can use them for my camera!

Another thing, is there any possibility at all of me bricking my PSP if my custom firmware doesn't install to the flash? (I think it installs to the RAM or something...whatever it is not loaded if I do a full shut-down) For some reason I have a morbid fear of bricking the thing. In fact once I thought it was bricked and I nearly cried before I realized there was nothing wrong lol. (I think what happened was I flipped the power switch up, waited after the screen went off but before the power light went off to switch it down. Then when I turned it back on, I guess it was in sleep mode trying to shut down. It was when I turned it back on and the power light went off without anything happening that I thought I was in BIG trouble.)

Final question, with battwarn.prx, does it tell you how much power you have left or something? Like a number? I don't like just the plain old battery icon where you have no clue how much power you actually have.

Oh wait, FINAL question, I've heard online from some people that it's good to drain your PSP battery all the way and that will prolong its life; but I've heard from other people that the PSP battery doesn't have memory cells (or something like that) and that it's good to charge often even if it's not low. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks for your help guys Big Grin

if it doesn't install to the flash, there's almost 0 possibility to get it bricked i think.

the bricking usually happens when you delete anything from there by accident, or overwrite it with broken/incompatible files. i guess the bricking's sorta like if you deleted system32 from your windows, and don't have a windows install disk to install a new system.

they should've made the psp with built-in hardware-based recovery mode and a read only area with factory settings and base firmware, so in case psp gets bricked by anything, you could force a complete wipe and reinstall of firmware/flash memory with that.
Yes but they don't do that so you have to buy a new one when you brick it Tongue Although I've read numerous horror stories of people updating their system firmware, without using any homebrew or anything, and the system bricked itself, even if it had a full charge or was plugged in and everything, a glitch happened and their PSP bricked. Good thing I have the latest firmware and they aren't making any more!

EDIT: But you say ALMOST 0 percent chance; that means there is a small chance?
there's always a small chance for unexpected stuff to happen.
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