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Full Version: WinUAE v2.4.2 Beta 4 Released
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Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


Quote:Beta 4:

- Custom input event autofire wasn't always canceled when shortcut included qualifier(s).
- Do not crash if 7zip unpacking fails because out of memory or process address space. (Big compressed CD images and 32-bit Windows)
- Log also RDB dostype in text format.
- Replaced misc panel checkboxes with scrolling checkbox list view. Now there is unlimited space for all kinds of on/off options that I previously refused to add because of lack of GUI space.
- Added disable notification icon option.
- Loading statefile using GUI now remembers statefile filename, allowing to save configuration files with statefile (running configuration file will automatically load the statefile). This required manual config file editing previously. Statefile path and checkbox that "forgets" stored path added to GUI.
- Ignore vendor specific USB usage pages (Do not list for example some Logitech USB mouse/keyboard receiver dongles)
- Z2 RTG + 68EC020 fixed, RTG requires memory mapping. (Memory mapping was originally JIT only and 68EC020 is not JIT compatible)
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