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Full Version: I have a Ati-means-I HAVE A PROBLEM!!!
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Well..... I have little but bigger problem i have the Jpcsp (the last release) and i have configurated for play the KH Birth by Sleep and i almost can play normal when vist a new world in the map world or when i fight with tree boss in the world of te dwarfs o lo que sea the "the screen goes fuzzy i mean is ruled as interference " And i cannor play aswell. weel thos my problem a i really dont know how to fix this because I CAN PLAY!!!!
I have a ATI X1330/X1550 1gb ram (say in the description but really its 258mb) Intel Core 2 duo 2.1ghz 2gb ram The game runs to 10-15fps
P,s:Sorry for mi english is not mi favorite language i speak in spanish XD!!
even if you have nvidia, if it's of the same generation, you'd have problem.

Your gpu is too old now, and won't play most jpcsp game comfortably.
Oh!! The same problem i was also facing. But couldn't get actually what was the problem. Now i got it. Hehehe
i have a ATI too, and it just an old onboard VGA (ATI Radeon™ HD3000) but i can still play Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII with 20 fps( this is slow or what i dont know), so i think it just ok cz JPCSP dont need a high spec to work
Your GPU is about 3 or 5 times more powerful than OP.
i dont think so, i just 512 MB u know
maybe u can try to overclocking your hardware like me
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