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Full Version: BGB 1.4 Released
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This is a gameboy emulator/debugger which runs on Windows



-greatly improved game link accuracy, most games should now work perfectly.
-added optional HQ2X and Scale2x graphics filters
-various accuracy improvements including sound registers, joypad timing, and lcd/interrupt timing
-Performance/efficiency improvements including waitloop detection and more efficient high quality sound rendering and others
-Major debugger improvements: Supports SYM files containing debug symbols. "on jump" access breakpoints. immideate entry of data into assembler, data, and stack viewer. improved assembler flexibility. Multiline code/data entry window. Keyboard shortcut for navigation to previous/next breakpoint, label etc. Live update memory mode. edit IO map registers. Fixed causes of accidental running while debugging.
-Sound quality improvements: CH3 and CH4 are now bandlimited in high quality mode. Improved DC offset accuracy. fixed sound timing inaccuracies.
-Improved WAV writer + screenshot recording. Fixed audio/video desync problems. Exported files are now better named.
-fixed windows 98 compatibility problem. eliminated requirement for DX9. improved wine support.
-New truecolor/hi-res icon.
-Many small bug fixes and improvements.
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