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Full Version: WinUAE 2.4.2 Beta 3 Released
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Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


Quote:Beta 3:

- FPS led was always yellow in most non low latency vsync modes.
- Custom input event toggle didn't work (3rd and 4th slots), (2.4.1)
- Custom input event non-toggle mode with qualifiers didn't work correctly.
- Allow D3D RTG hardware sprite if non-power of 2 textures are supported, do not require shader support.
- Do not override currently selected CD image when loading statefile if new CD path does not exist.
- Do not report CD not present state if restoring CD32 statefile that was created with inserted CD. It would usually cause immediate reboot to CD32 title screen and most CD32 shovelware ports won't care about the CD after game has been loaded. This has been broken previously many times..
- Any active breakpoint stopped all interrupts in some situations if 68020 cycle-exact mode.
- "ALT-TAB or middle mouse button untraps mouse - F12 opens settings" window title was missing.
- Uncapture mouse when entering debugger.
- Fixed blank screen in directdraw + no filter mode. (b1)
- Do not move directories or empty files to Windows recycle bin (if recycle bin option enabled).
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