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Full Version: WinUAE 2.4.2 Beta 2 Released
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Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


Quote:Beta 2:

- Missing harddrive in harddrive dialog if any device returned "too short STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR only x bytes". (2.4.0)
- D3D crashed if Vista or newer and D3D9Ex couldn't be used (shaders didn't load for reason for example) (2.3.something)
- Vsync dynamic adjustment algoritm updated.
- Added vsync debugging command line options:
- -vsync_min_delay <val>: val is value from 1 to 90, minimum guaranteed extra time left for display rendering. Automatic dynamic adjustment system can still use higher values if needed.
- -vsync_forced_delay <val>: val is forced extra time, dynamic adjustment is disabled. <val> is percentage of total frame time, the bigger the value, the less chance for tearing and slower CPU emulation performance (if fastest possible mode).
Above Parameters work in low latency no buffer mode and in all legacy vsync modes.
- -vsynclog shows frame counts (total, missed, errors, time waited for frame relative to total frame, average of previous value, current frame time difference) Low latency only parameter.
- -vsynclog2 starts logging current adjustment parameters. Mostly undocumented values except last 4: current adjustment value, time/scanline, total frame time, adjustment percentage value.
Note that time unit is internal PC time counter (Rate can be seen in winuaebootlog.txt)
- Added -rtg_blitter <val> command line option (0 = disable native RTG blitter acceleration code)
- Show more correct vertical and horizontal frequency in display mode change log line.
- Added -bsdlog command line parameter, enables full bsdsocket emulation logging. (This was previously compile-time option)
- Support PC screen resolutions that have both progressive and interlaced modes.
- PC interlaced modes work in D3D mode, fixes blank screen.
- Added 50i/60i switching support to autovsync.
- Added timing compensation to low latency vsync for some drivers (nvidia only?) that don't count any lines inside vblank period. (MinV=1 in the log)
- IOCTL 32-bit overflow fix, CDFS DVD read error when accessing data outside of first 2G.
- Built-in CD image mounter 32-bit image size restrictions removed.
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