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Full Version: WinUAE 2.4.2 Beta 1 Released
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Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


Quote:Beta 1:

- Autovsync 50/60Hz also accepts 100/120Hz modes if available, supports also refresh rates +-1 from nominal.
- CD32: CD command receive DMA emulation correctly emulated, TOC read hack removed.
- CD32: Repeat each CD TOC packet 3 times (same as real CD TOC format) (Universe title screen CDA)
- CD32: CD audio stopped if multiple play requests were sent very quickly (Universe in-game CDA)
- GUI RTG monitor selection implemented.
- Low latency vsync + fastest possible CPU auto adjustment updates.
- Legacy vsync automatic adjustment implemented, hopefully improves stability. (Remember that legacy vsync is only compatible with approximate/ce CPU modes)
- FPS led background flashes yellow if frame was missed in vsync modes.
- Detect display driver forced vsync, switch to double buffered mode if low latency no buffer mode.
- Always call D3D SetMaximumFrameLatency(1) if vsync mode (any vsync) to reduce latency, previously was only called when low latency no buffer mode used. (SetMaximumFrameLatency only available on Vista and later) Usually display driver control panel can be also used to override this value.
- Added auto scale integer scaling method, uses autoscale display size instead of max overscan.
- Integer scale mode filter horizontal and vertical zoom sliders value is now added to native screen size before calculating integer scaling value. (Negative values reduce size of screen = scale to higher multiplier earlier)
- Integer scaling supports non-power of 2 integer upscaling ratios now, downscaling still only supports 1/2, 1/4 and so on to prevent scaling artifacts or blurriness.
- Warp mode now works properly in all vsync modes.
- Most filter modes (autoscale etc..) now fill "invisible" borders with black, for example this removes ugly extra border(s) in autoscale fullscreen or full-window mode when using non-4:3 displays. (In other words anything outside of 4:3 sized window are now blanked in non-4:3 screen/window sizes)
- Low latency vsync displayed blank screen if emulation was restarted using GUI Restart button.
- JIT GUI cache size box was broken.
- Do not return error code if uaehf.device read or write io command has null data pointer and length is also zero.
- Added more Windows error codes to directory filesystem to AmigaDOS error conversion table.
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