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Full Version: jpcsp 32bit and 64bit
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hi guys,

i was wondering about this, since i was usually playing on my computer with 32bit windows xp and wanted to transfer my save file to a 64bit windows 7.

will the save files function correctly?

i hope anyone could answer this. thanks in advance Smile
it should be - i highly recommend sticking to jpcsp 32 bit - unless you dont need sound/video conversion

what? all jpcsp 32 bit functionality work correctly on its 64 bit now
(05-13-2012 05:16 AM)kaikai14 Wrote: [ -> ]will the save files function correctly?

Yes, absolutely. Just make sure to keep the "Handle SAVEDATA in crypto mode" setting the same so that JPCSP can access the savedata files correctly.
thanks a lot guys, and yeah it worked. i sticked to 32bit since 64bit didnt work out for me, i was trying to get the 3rd birthday to be faster, but was not the case in 64 bit as well
In general the 64-bit version is not any faster than the 32-bit version, only that it can use more memory to avoid out of memory errors with the proper JRE memory settings.
got it thanks bro!
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