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Full Version: EmuNewz Live Downloads section now online!
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Did you notice that there was actually no downloads section on emunewz since the last site update? (and it's been quite some time since last update Angel)
Well it is finally here and in a flavour that makes it more interesting! A link is now present on our navigation menu on the top right of the emunewz pages. You can now check out the latest updates in a selection of monitored svn/git servers that our server monitors and grab the latest revision to toy it around. Stop by our Live Downloads section and see for yourself! The page is as automatically updated with the latest revisions of the added emulators as soon as those revisions are committed to their svn/git servers respectively.

The standard view will show the latest committed revision of each emulator but you can see every single revision by selecting the Show Everything option.

There are 7 repositories monitored currently (Jpcsp, pcsx2, mess, and desmume included) but more will be added soon. Feel free to post questions/suggestions/requests/complaints in the Forum!
This is a nice feature to have here at Emunewz.net. Thanks for the great work Smile
Nice,since this is an emulation forum it should also have dolphin.Just saying
dolphin is wip Wink feel free to make other suggestions as well Smile
Nice for this buildbot.

Also make buildbot For Desmume win x64.
thanks you Big Grin
Great work indeed. Smile Thanks alot, guys! Wink
Good work!.
builds for soywiz's pspemu would also be nice Smile
(05-07-2012 09:12 PM)hyakki Wrote: [ -> ]Good work!.
builds for soywiz's pspemu would also be nice Smile
yea soywiz's pspemu is on our eye too for the build bot. hey hyakki please next time try to post any news updates you see on soywiz's blog if we all miss it! I take it you are mayor of psp emulator news (and not only Smile)
dolphin builds partialy added (needs some testing).

What you think it might be next? (x64 builds are coming as soon as nickblame prepare the new build pc ) Tongue
Stella (atari2600) builds has been added to autobuild system Wink
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