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Full Version: WinUAE v2.4.1 Beta 13 (RC2) Released
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Windows port of the UAE Amiga Emulator


Quote:Beta 13: (RC2)

- Possible improvement for low latency no buffer mode tearing problem.
* Fastest possible CPU: very simple dynamic flip delay timing adjustment. Reduces tearing (and slows down CPU emulation speed) but won't fix it completely. Difficult problem to solve 100% without losing too much CPU speed. Currently only way to remove tearing is to reduce CPU speed.
* Cycle-exact/approximate CPU: Tearing problem on some systems should be fixed.
- Fastes possible low latency vsync sometimes flipped buffers before or during internal frame rendering, usual result was same frame being shown multiple times.
- Legacy vsync refresh rate didn't override internal chipset refresh rate causing very bad slow down if rates didn't match.
- Map directory filesystem Windows error ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER to AOS ERROR_OBJECT_NOT_AROUND, GetFreeSpace("path to empty CD drive") returns this code on some systems.
- Validate SCSI INQUIRY data before using it when requesting IOCTL CDROM vendor and product names. It seems query can return success without returning any data in some situations.
- Store beta dialog state to winuae.ini if enabled.
- Random bsdsocket crash when calling gethostbyname() with numeric IP address. (2.4.0)
- Allow again zero back buffers in DirectDraw mode, 2.3.3 allowed this configuration.
- Canceling HD HDF cloning froze the GUI. (Possibly Vista and newer only)
- Store also monitor's system specific id string to config file, system can have multiple identical monitors.
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