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Full Version: 4DO Released!
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4DO is an open-source, low-level emulator based on the FreeDO source code.


Quote:3DO History has been made today!

Viktor worked long and hard to add support for Crash’n Burn, making it fully playablefor the first time on any emulator! This is the result of a lot of difficult, meticulous debugging!

Crash ‘n Burn Works!

Great Job, Viktor!

All Changes in this version:

Crash ‘n Burn support – See additional notes below.
The Advanced Settings’s ARM CPU Overclock option now allows users to increase it further, to clock speed up to 50Mhz (400%).
Auto-cropping previously was ignoring the blue channel when detecting black pixels. This has been fixed.
Russian translation improvements, also from Viktor.
Translation fix on settings screen for autocrop setting.

Crash ‘n Burn Details:

It’s no hoax! For the first time, you can now play Crash ‘n Burn on an emulator! If you had been eagerly awaiting this capability, send praises Viktor‘s way. Smile

The fix is pretty complicated, so you may run into a few bugs. When selecting to start a race, sometimes the game will still reboot similar as it did before. Additionally, audio for video clips in racer selection screen sometimes improperly synced. However, the game itself is fully playable!
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