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Full Version: Can't run games
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When I load umd and click run button this lines appear.
What should I do?

Running Jpcsp 32bit...
at jpcsp.util.Debug.printFontbuffer(Debug.java:49)
at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.sceFont.sceFontGetCharGlyphImage(sceFont.java:62
at jpcsp.HLE.modules150.sceFont$9.execute(sceFont.java:1328)
at jpcsp.HLE.modules.HLEModuleManager.handleSyscall(HLEModuleManager.jav
at jpcsp.HLE.SyscallHandler.syscall(SyscallHandler.java:94)
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.syscall(RuntimeContext.java:67
at _S1_3_890E280.s(_S1_3_890E280.java:4)
at _S1_3_8893444.s(_S1_3_8893444.java:704)
at _S1_3_8893390.s(_S1_3_8893390.java:132)
at _S1_3_8894B00.s(_S1_3_8894B00.java:252)
at _S1_3_88908FC.s(_S1_3_88908FC.java:552)
at _S1_3_88907D8.s(_S1_3_88907D8.java:272)
at _S1_3_888FDFC.s(_S1_3_888FDFC.java:368)
at _S1_3_888FD38.s(_S1_3_888FD38.java:16)
at _S1_3_8897E1C.s(_S1_3_8897E1C.java:36)
at _S1_3_8906B68.s(_S1_3_8906B68.java:240)
at _S1_3_8906B68.exec(_S1_3_8906B68.java)
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.runThread(RuntimeContext.java:
at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeThread.run(RuntimeThread.java:51)
I have a simular problem. everytime i try to play Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep JPCSP says: "Patched module 'Prometheus Loader' detected! Patched files are not supported by JPCSP!" Can anyone tell me how to get pass this?
how to removing Prometheus Loader:

open the game ISO through UltraISO or MagicISO, find the directory with prometheus.prx and eboot.bin and then delete them, copy eboot.old into the hd and rename in to eboot.bin and copy in the game in the same directory and save the image.
here: http://www.emunewz.net/forum/showthread....Prometheus
Ok i did exactly what you said i try to start it but it wont show it or do any sounds but it says its running so what am i to do?
Excuse me... but, isn't it prohibited to disclose that prometheus patch removal...? I thinks it's pretty much similar to assisting one in piracy...
what game it is about ......, search the forum for more info for that game, jpcsp it is not perfect, it has some problems with some games, or you did something wrong.

i know that, but i hate portable consoles because it tires me out, i love emulators for this little devils, and if i get games from a friend decrypted or from the net why buy one, when i don't have a job and low on money.
yeah but you know what : WE HATE PIRATES !!! and don't want any here so kindly *censored*.
i extract my monster hunter freedom unite through ultra iso to the umdimages folder then start the emulator but when i click load umd there is no option to load monster hunter freedom unite
Do you have the folder correctly configured? When you click Load UMD, do you at least see the cube samples?
Set the rute to the folder in jpcsp options,then you should see it
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