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Full Version: Please help with JPCSP Start up
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Huh I can't get JPCSP to work, I downloaded JRE, but when I try to run it says that I don't have it. I went to the Java website and it will not let me download it now because it says my computer already has it, so I know that I have it. What should I do? Sad Also I could not find any .bat Files, I assume that the file that starts and runs JPCSP is * start-windows-amd-64*? Please help, Thanks
same here....window vista got the latest 64 bit java .......and unable to start....using the latest version of jpcsp...
Seems like a I have a similar problem...

I use Windows Vista 32bits... I've donwloaded the Jpcsp 0.6v and the latestest version of Java (JRE), but I still get the message "The required version of Java has not been installed or isn't recognized. Go to http://java.sun.com to install the 32bit Java JRE." when I execute the "start-windows-x86".

The Java I have here I donwloaded from the given URL...

Does anybody have any suggestions?

I have problem Win7 32bits. Jpscp v0.5 vorking, but v0.6 and v0.7 whene I try to run, just nothing hapens, but on process list i see javaw.exe
Try installing both 32bit and 64bit regardless of your OS
the version of jre that was available when the emu was released was version 6 the current version is 7, below i explain how to solve the problem

you have to right click on the bat file choose the option edit ... the bat file will open in notepad. look for "jre6" and change it into "jre7" (you have to correct it twice) ... click file then save and when you run it now everything should work.
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