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Full Version: DS2x86 0.05 Released
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DS2x86 is a version of DSx86 for the SuperCard DSTwo flash cart .

DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It's purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console.


Quote:Changes in DS2x86 0.05 :

The major improvements and fixes in this version are the following:

* Preliminary support for high resolution EGA/VGA modes 640x200, 640x350 and 640x480 added. NOTE! Scaling does not work properly in these modes yet.
* Implemented preliminary support for Mode-X mode 360x240 (for the Settlers game).
* Implemented a lot of missing opcode variations, now a majority of the most common opcodes have been implemented, but many rare opcodes are still missing.
* Increased the EMS memory size to 4MB, which allows Elder Scrolls: Arena to start up.
* You can now switch between the configuration sections in the INI file on-the-fly, by clicking on the current configuration name.
* Fixed a stack alignment problem in overlay loading, which caused an "Exception 5" error in some programs.
* Fixed a bug in SETZ opcode, which caused Warcraft to hang when giving a command to dig gold. NOTE! It is recommended that you play Warcraft with "no sound", as the SoundBlaster emulation in DS2x86 seems to cause intermittent freezes and crashes.
* Fixed a bug in division-by-zero interrupt handling, which caused Formula One: Grand Prix to fail.
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