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Full Version: Installation check up
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I have installed JPCSP v1997, my umdimages are in the umdimage folder I have the newest JDK and jRE 64 bit and 32 bit installed since an hour ago, also I have install OpenGM secure module, and SonicStage, pc rebooted on every install.

I've used the newest HiMdRendererWin.exe to convert all files in \jpcsp-1997-windows-x86\jpcsp-windows-x86\tmp to wav format in there native folders where the original audio files where found.

im also using JPCSP Launcher [v1.4.0.9].

Here is a short Youtube video I made to show you my launcher settings and JPCSP x86 1997 settings.

my games run fine. but I'm still wondering if I installed this all properly for media engine to work.

My system specs are AMD 3500+ 64 bit
windows xp 64
1 gig ram
All 64 bit drivers installed
gfx Nvidia geforce 6100 on board(used a ati hd 2600 but didn't work so well so I switched to Nvidia big improvement)
all ms updates.

Thank you to anyone's concern Smile
you shouldn't need HiMdRendererWin.exe anymore (unless you want/need to manually convert the files) .

Really all you need to do now is install Sonic Stage and in jpcsp
options check "enabled media engine" , and "decode files with sonicstage") that should get you audio and video support for most games.
Thanks for the input hyakki, I've been watching this project since it first started, and even on my dinosaur of a computer I can still see the progress that's been made.(This should be helpful to others looking for the same answer)
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