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Full Version: Enable saving ge screen to texture disappeared on r1993x86
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Where is this option ,disappear or moved.Huh
its always on now i think
(02-17-2011 11:23 PM)andutrache Wrote: [ -> ]its always on now i think

It's not, theres no speed boost in rev 1993 that was available when the new option was still around.
Hykem used an out-of-date SettingsGUI.java which doesn't have the Enable VAO and Saving GE Screen settings so when he commited his changes to the svn server, those settings disappeared. I'm sure those settings will be re-added back in soon enough. Internally those 2 features are still in Jpcsp, just that due to the out-of-date SettingsGUI.java in r1992 and r1993, we can't change those settings through the Configuration dialog anymore. You can still change those settings by manually editing the Settings.properties file in the Jpcsp folder.
i had the Saving GE option enabled so it remained enabled i see Smile
Yes, sorry about that. Commiting a fix right now. Tongue

EDIT: Ok, both options should now be back in r1994.
So thats why i didn't notice any difference in speed... I copy my settings.properties, saves to the new one as i update Smile
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