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Here's some problems about the JPCSP from other forum:
1. like this game: YS vs. SORA NO KISEKI
(1) Why did it stop at "THE END" this word when I use JPCSP?
First, The game can be played in the computer. However, when I finished the story mode, the game remains stop at "THE END" this word [No matter which key had pressed, we can't back to the Main Menu to see how many BPs for I earned. ] (THE SAME AS ALL CHARACTERS IN STORY MODE, (It's so boring that we have to force to shut down the JPCSP at "STOP" this key.)
(2) We can't entrance the Network Mode.
When I entrance to "Network Mode". The emulator had shown some words that I can't back to the game(It's so boring that we have to force to shut down the JPCSP in the task manager).
2. Language Problems
One people had told me that he was understand either Netherlands or Korean, nor the other languages in JPCSP. Can you translate the JPCSP into Netherlands or Korean?
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