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Full Version: Some minor issues to report
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First I want to say that svn1984 is a big performance improvement on my old rig. You really rock, guys. Big Grin
In Disgaea 2 going from 18-19 FPS in the slowest area to 22 FPS constant I call an achievement. Not to mention the big boost in the former "acceptable" areas in the game to now fully pleasing. Heart

CPU: Athlon XP2800+
GFX: Geforce 7900 GS, 256MB
SND: Terratec SiXPack 5.1+

JPCSP settings are all default exept:
- "Only GE graphics" checked
- "Ignore invalid memory access" checked

- To "Cancel" SAVE doesn't work. It always saves to the last slot used, no matter if it is selected or not at the time of cancelling.

Concerning Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days US (and maybe other games, but that I haven't checked yet)

Builds since 1905 up to 1984
- Sounds are sounding distorted like having broken speakers (crackling all over). Up to svn1902 sounds are sounding correct. Can't say anything about music, because Disgaeas' music format still isn't supported yet (which is no problem for me).

Builds since 1970 up to 1984 (1970 doesn't run Disgaea 2 at all)
- Strange brightness issues, as can be seen in the attached screenshots below. No matter if "Only GE graphics" is checked or not OR "Use Media Engine" is checked or not. Can't say anything about "Using Shaders", because it doesn't support my Geforce 7900 GS. Which is strange, because using any OpenGL shaders in ePSXe works like a charm. Up to svn1969 all menus look correct ingame.

The first 2 screenshots show how it looks in the latest builds and screenshots 3+4 show how it should look and was looking in previous builds up to svn1969. The strange thing being that all other menus are looking as they should.

Please let me know if you require any log files to track those issues further down and I will provide them ASAP.

I finally got some time to test another game as well: Crimson Gem Saga (U) ULUS-10400

As it clearly shows, the sounds are played back in a way too low frequency, which additionally adds crackling noise to them in builds later than 1905. This can be easily verified by listening to the speech at the very beginning ingame. In builds before 1905 the speech is played back with the correct tempo and sounds absolutely natural and fully "clean". Whereas in builds after 1905 (up to 1994) the speech sounds like taken from a "slow-motion" scene and additionally sounds distorted like hell. The "funny" thing is, that in svn1994 the FPS rate is 10 frames higher than in svn1890 for example, but the sounds are played back slower in exchange.

I still have to find another game which shows similar brightness/alpha bugs as Disgaea 2 (which can be seen in the screenshots above).

Hope this is of some help to the developers and not just taken as moaning, which it isn't meant to be.
All games I am interested in playing currently run pleasantly fine in 1890, thanks to the great devs and their efforts. Big Grin
this happens to persona 3 portable as well the menu select sounds and voices have some background noise, and they sound like crap.
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