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Full Version: MH3 dolphin r5474 only 5fps
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guys, i have a little problem here,
i wanna play MH3 on dolphin r5474 (special revision for mh3), but, i only get 5fps in game, in menu get 60fps, and when movies play, i only get 9fps.
my pc spec:
-Intel atom n570 (1.66 Ghz, 4 CPU's)
-Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3150 (249 Mb)
-Ram 1024Mb (+2gb Readyboost)
-Windows7 Ultimate

How to make it faster?
Help me please? i wanna play this game very much.....
This isn't the dolphin support forum, however just looking at your pc secs its no where near powerful enough the cpu is too weak and video card is to slow dolphin needs at least 2.8-4.0 GHz processor and a dedicated video card that was intended for 3D (ie nvidia, ati)
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