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Full Version: New jpcsp revision f8356895
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The revision f8356895 of the emulator jpcsp was released and built. Here are the download links:
windows-x86-32: http://filez.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-32.7z
windows-x86-64: http://filez.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-64.7z
linux-x86-32: http://filez.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-32.7z
linux-x86-64: http://filez.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-64.7z
macosx: http://filez.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-macosx.7z

sceNetAdhocMatchingGetMembers: return the list of the members on each client in the same order as the host of the Adhoc matching. Implemented for both ProOnline and "LAN MultiPlayer".
check out the Live Downloads section for more builds
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