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Full Version: missing textures while playing trails of cold steel
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i am using the latest version of the emulator. my laptop is an alienware 17 with an i9 processor, 32gb ram, nvidia gtx 1080 graphics card with 8gb ram

first i tried using the llvm recompiler in the ppu decoder and i used open gl in the gpu. as i am playing the game it often says compiling shaders. sometimes when it is compiling the shaders the graphics start with missing textures and then the textures show few seconds later after it finishes compiling. i also tried using interpreter for the ppu decoder and vulcan for the gpu. the same issue

is it possible to stop those missing textures while it is compiling shaders? it is bit annoying. i didnt have this problem when i played ni no kuni 1 on an older version of the emulator on my old weaker alienware 17 laptop that is i7
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