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Full Version: New jpcsp revision ebd518e3
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The revision ebd518e3 of the emulator jpcsp was released and built. Here are the download links:
windows-x86-32: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-32.7z
windows-x86-64: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-64.7z
linux-x86-32: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-32.7z
linux-x86-64: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-x86-64.7z
macosx: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp/20...-macosx.7z

Fixed decryption for PSP flash0 PRX files. Added support for GZIP compressed PRX files.
check out the Live Downloads section for more builds
Hey shadow, can you fix the buildbot? There haven't been any builds created by the buildbot in 4 months.
yah it seems to have an issue with this , i am looking at it
hmm actually it builds but it doesn't appear on main page :/
Does that mean new JPCSP (or External Software Renderer) builds are available but not posted by the Live Downloads account on the forum?
there aren't any software render updates

the latest jpcsp can be found on this link : http://www.emunewz.net/forum/buildslinks.php?id=9189

I am trying to figure out why not posting on main page
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