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Full Version: 2 players in emulator
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I've got two Generic DualShock 2 controls and are not recognized by the emulator as dualshock, so I need to use one of them as a keyboard and emulate the keyboard by the JoyToKey application. But would you have some way to simulate player 2 control too, or is there any other way to use 2 controls on the emulator? Because I could not see this option ...

So I do not know if this emulator has already been implemented support for 2 players or not Huh

Right now you can plug in two XInput controllers and they will work (nothing to configure). Support for more options and also configuring controllers is being worked on by one of our contributors.
Hey i have a problem

I have twin usb joystick and i want to play games with my friend on this joystick
is there any way to play games with the twin usb joystick on RPCS3 ?
if there are please tell me
+ you are the best team for this emulator + iam using xpadder for playing 1 player
and my brother will die he want to play games with me RPCS3 with 2 players on this joystick any solution ? or any help ?
or any update ? or any tutorial ? or any reply ? please help in fastest time possible
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