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Full Version: PC specs priority to improve emulation?
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So, i just want to upgrade my PC, and having a good machine for decent emulation is one of the reasons i'd like to upgrade. But what do i actually need mostly? Much RAM, a good GPU, or a CPU? If i need a top-tier CPU, which spec in priority? Number of cores, Processor frequensy, CPU-techologies? And what about AMD/Intel specific CPU/GPU? does RPCS3 work good on both brands, or there're some issues?

Or there're no specific requirements, and i have to upgrade just anything?
CPU. At the very minimum, a quad/hexa core from Haswell (4th gen) or up. But note that RPCS3 is probably the only emulator that multithreads this much. Other emulators tend to rely on single core performance mostly.
GPU either NVIDIA or AMD. No Intel, as their iGPUs and drivers are bad.
For RAM, 8GB or up.
For decent results i had recommend at least Ryzen 5 or a haswell i7.
RX 460

And now that AMD Threadripper is coming,
It's 16 cores would work best for RPCS3,
And it has a decent single core performance too.
Very cheap for the 16 cores,1000$ price tag.
Here's my specs:

Intel Skylake i7 6700
16 GB of RAM

So far, I got 30 FPS on Demon's Souls with a few drops and random crashes, but as the emulator evolves, I know it will improve. Big Grin
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