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Full Version: Suggest PC Spec for future-proofing RPCS3
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As the title says.

Or to be able to understood more clearly, what specs can you recommend for future-proofing the PC to play RPCS3 games, more or less locked (or at least average 25) on 30 fps assuming of course that there will be a future update that will allow smoother gameplay.

Since unlike usual builds, RPCS3 is cpu-intensive rather than the GPU. So yeah, comment your thoughts below.
Just get the best CPU you can get. Right now, I'd recommend something Intel. Bonus points if it has TSX or hasn't but is Haswell.
It's hard to pinpoint good specs as stuff rapidly changes over time.
Just a question, though, which would run RPCS3 much better, a 2.6ghz dual-core or a 2.6ghz quad-core?
Quad-core. You shouldn't get anything less than quad-core if you want to use RPCS3 seriously.

But, assuming we're talking CPUs on the same architecture.

I have an Octa-Core AMD FX-8350 @ 4.6GHz and an Quad-Core Intel i7-6700HQ @ 2.60GHz w/ 3.50GHz Turbo.
The latter smashes the first when running RPCS3.
I think that I have the identical specs with your laptop. How's the average FPS of games using your Desktop?
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