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Full Version: PCSP playable games?
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the list of pcsp playable games???Sad
you can check http://www.emunewz.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=48 for compatibility

However the playable games are :

- Puzzle bobble pocket
- Superfruit
- Lemmings
- Worms : Open Warfare
- SmartBomb
- Micro machines V4 (some sceneries may have color corruption)
- Silverfall (only the tutorial ingame)
- Park Skate City (graphics bugs)
- Obscure : Aftermath (color corruption and some "rumbling" motion; game also needs to be decryted first)

there might be more that we are not aware of , so testing is the best advise Big Grin
and pls any more questions to pcsp relative forum Big Grin
naruto shippudden akatsuki rising works fine... as well as tales of astonishia.. Smile)
hmm ? can you post some screenis? i haven't got that games
can I play kamen rider climax heroes ooo in pcsp .4?? crave to play it
tekken 6 playable?? i also made another topic i u wanna help tnx!
can play kingdom hearts birth by sleep?
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