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Full Version: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution [BLES02014]
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This title reaches to main menu. Tested in 7a9841b.


PPU: Interpreter (precise)
SPU: Interpreter (fast) (In precise mode, Naruto is invisible).
LLE Module: Fiber, Rtc, Spurs_Jq, Sre


- Vulkan

- 1280x720

- Auto (Frame limit)

- VSync On

- 16:9


- XAudio2
Reaches to ingame in 2d9e02b.
LLE used:
- libdmux.prx
- libdmuxpamf.prx
- libfont.prx
- libfontFT.prx
- libfreetype.prx
- libfreetypeTT.prx
- librtc.prx
- libspurs_jq.prx
- libsre.prx

Move this thread to Half-playable.
Video of it:

With 9d1aebc, runs flawlessly at 30 FPS with perfect graphics.

PD: Move this thread to Playable.
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