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Full Version: Piyotama [NPUA80091]
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Tested on recent master build. Shows some screen with broken graphics, and crashes after pressing X (maybe it's menu?). Requires .edat files decrypted and libSre LLE'd.
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x001cb238]} cellPamf TODO: cellPamfReaderInitialize(): verification
E {PPU Thread[0x1] (main_thread)[0x001cb398]} cellAdec TODO: *** CellAdecParamAtracX: sr=0, ch_cfg=0(2), frame_size=0x0, extra=0x0, output=132, downmix=0, ats_header=1
E {PPU Thread[0x51] (BgFuncThread)[0x001755c8]} Exception: Access violation reading location 0x00000312
(in file ..\Utilities\Thread.cpp:1134, in function throw_access_violation)
Goes ingame with graphics glitches on recent master build v0.0.1-8-60bd2fb.

LLE used
- libac3dec.prx
    - libac3dec2.prx
    - libadec.prx
    - libat3dec.prx
    - libatrac3plus.prx
    - libatxdec.prx
    - libdmux.prx
    - libdmuxpamf.prx
    - libfont.prx
    - libfontFT.prx
    - libfreetype.prx
    - libfreetypeTT.prx
    - libl10n.prx
    - libmvcdec.prx
    - libpamf.prx
    - librtc.prx
    - libsail.prx
    - libsjvtd.prx
    - libsmvd2.prx
    - libsmvd4.prx
    - libspurs_jq.prx
    - libsre.prx
    - libsvc1d.prx
    - libvdec.prx
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