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Full Version: TNA Impact!: Cross the Line - ULUS10436
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This game was tested with revision f187aa8. After the logo of Midway Home Entertainment Inc. appears, the screen turns black and doesn't respond to any pressed keys. The game is playable on PPSSPP v1.0.1-799-gb5f7d93.
can move to playble
The game will load correctly if the user chooses to skip the developer credits. However, if the developer credits are loaded, the game will become unresponsive with a black screen as described in my previous post. Frankly, if the user doesn't skip any cutscene in the game, the game becomes unresponsive afterwards.
This game was tested with revision 9de5f87. As mentioned in my earlier post, after the developer's logo appears onscreen, the game will hang and will not respond to any button inputs. The game is considered playable if the user skips all cutscenes and videos. In terms of performance, the game seems to run better on OpenGL if none of the options are enabled (about 24-30 FPS, many things missing like UI and loading screen graphics). If I enable these options (listed below) on OpenGL, the game runs at 11-14 FPS:
[X] Use vertex cache
[X] Use shaders
[X] Enable saving GE screen to textures instead of memory
[X] Enable dynamic shader generation (only relevant when using shaders, recommended for AMD/ATI)

As you can see in the log, the game doesn't load anything and I have to close the emulator afterwards:
05:20:21  INFO compiler - displayThread - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x08990CC8 by Native Code 'sceGuCopyImage'
05:20:21  INFO compiler - displayThread - Replacing CodeBlock at 0x0899131C by Native Code 'sceGuTexSync'
05:20:55  INFO hle.ThreadManForUser - GUI - ----------------------------- ThreadMan exit -----------------------------

I tried to conduct a test with the compiler, but it also seems to stop after the developer's logo appears:
05:29:38 DEBUG compiler - soundThread - Compiling _S1_2_89AA52C
05:29:38 DEBUG compiler - soundThread - CodeInstruction.compile  > 0x89AA52C - jr         $ra
05:29:38 DEBUG compiler - soundThread - CodeInstruction.compile    0x89AA530 - syscall    0x042B6 [sceAudioGetChannelRestLength]
05:31:00  INFO hle.ThreadManForUser - GUI - ----------------------------- ThreadMan exit -----------------------------

The profiler also seemed to show something unusual, as this block of code has a lot of instructions for only one call:
_S1_2_897CAD8 186,493,281 instructions (81.888%), 1 calls (0897CAD8 - 0897CC30, length 87)
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