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Full Version: Dragon's Crown[BCAS20298]
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This is not a loadable game now. No RSX textures/commands, no GS window.
And.. Horrible crash and Memory lag. However there is something interesting..
MEM: E {PPU[0x1] Thread (main_thread)[0x008efa50]} Invalid a_size (0xfffcc484)
how can such a size of memory be allocated? -0x00033b7c?
So when i tried to use RSX Debugger, the whole rpcs3 crashed. Yep.
Edit: I'm sorry, I got confused and made a terrible mistake. It wasn't this game that showed GS screen.
(07-28-2015 06:51 PM)Gundark Wrote: [ -> ]From r1958 this game (but BLUS30767) shows black screen with 20fps.

Please also include the .log with such posts.
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