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Full Version: Simple video player
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Recorded some video, any criticism?
nope Smile make some more ;-) , i always like to see progress videos
Good work man!, keep going to another videos!!! Wink
Looks good, but what exactly am I looking at here? Have you improved performance, increased compatibility, or something else?
It's not important atm, just to try.
Bink codec for bink videos is reverse enginered, so videos plays in any videoplayer.
.pam files are playable too, but most of them without background music or sound - which are probably separated in other sound files. If the player would have ability to scan for music and playback such files with sound then its nice feature Smile
It's not a dedicated feature, just a sample...
wow, that's work really good, just in start some sound freezing, but it's hell good!

Sorry for english Confused
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