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Full Version: Playstation 4 Emulation
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I have been meaning to ask that how different/easy is ps4 emulation compared to ps3?
Who knows?
Who is making PS4 emulator?
How is it possible without enough information leaked?
I don't believe in that PS4EMX or whatever.
Deleted duplicate thread.
Wait in 10 years later Wink
Emulation is eventually gonna be no longer necessary or easier, if you've noticed consoles are turning more and more into computers. as for a PS4 emulator, way too soon to even have a working one, and as for wait 10 years, might not have too. i give it 4 years.
Unlike PS3, PS4 might be emulated through a virtual machine (like VirtualBox for instance) since it's strongly based on x86-64 (very close to a Kaveri indeed) but provided that the necessary hardware emulation is available. The HLE roadmap is also possible but can take a long time. The best thing is to have a Kaveri and a similar graphics card so there is less hardware emulation.
hassanrazza If you have not emulated xbox 1 in its entirety anyone expects the ps4 and xbox xone short-term?
If no documentation or people interested in reverse engineering of hardware is the same as there is no party of course:
how is now the situation?
Same thing. There is more documentation on it though.
Right now it is ps4 which emulates other systems Smile
I'm a developer... and i would build a team for work on PS4 emulator.
For now i want only research any useful information to create a base for develop the emulator.
Anyone want help me??
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