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Full Version: New jpcsp software renderer plugin revision 8ff9a59
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The revision 8ff9a59 of the emulator jpcsp_softrender was released and built. Here are the download links:
windows-x86-32-noSSE: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp_so...-noSSE.zip
windows-x86-32-SSE41: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp_so...-SSE41.zip
windows-x86-64-noSSE: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp_so...-noSSE.zip
windows-x86-64-SSE41: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp_so...-SSE41.zip
windows-x86-64-AVX2: http://files.emunewz.net/builds/jpcsp_so...4-AVX2.zip

Improved handling of video textures with screen scaling.
check out the Live Downloads section for more builds
Please note that you have to place the correct DLL into the lib folder and in ther into the corresponding folder of your build (e.g. windows-amd64). Also the external software renderer option must be selected in the Video preferences in jpcsp. Please visit the forum in this link for more information.
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