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Full Version: Spanish translations for newest releases
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The spanish translations that already exist lack of many new commands and lots of them are mistranslated. I am working on a new one, but i need help for some words because spanish have several words for 1 existing in english.

For example, what does this mean:
SettingsGUI.disableBlockingAudioCheck.text=Disable audio blocking
Enabling this option JPCSP do what: Erase something that block the audio? Or disable JPCSP to check if the audio is being blocked?

There's one menu option that doesn't exist on the language file, either spanish or english one; is this one:
I just copy the similar menu items thinking that some dev forgot to place it there, but even placing it on the language file, it doesn't work. Kinda ironic that the language item can't be translated hahahaha.

Apart from that, my translation only lacks on advances areas, like debugger tool or so on, because those who work with it should know english.

File is attached. If the suggestions i make can be worked out, let me know to update the file so it can be mix with the JPCSP.jar for now on.
This is just a suggestion but debug tool could be translated into "Herramienta de depuracion"
Yeah it sounds kinda weird but it's the only word I could associate it.I can't use a pc right now but if you write the words then I could translate them immediately.
Where is that string? Doesn't exist. Either way, i do translate "Debugger" under "Debug" menu item like "Depurador".

Thanks anyway!
Added in r3405. Thanks montcer9012! Smile
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