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Full Version: Burnout Legends - ULUS10025
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Burnout Legends - ULUS10025
using r 3388
after you choose all of your options then the game goes to load
the emulator crashes out with a java error
here is an info log
C  [atio6axx.dll+0x92a851]  DrvPresentBuffers+0x8e5051
There was a crash in the AMD driver. Is it fixed now? or does it work with the external software renderer?

Can move to playable
(I am using Nvidia Card)

Crashes on the first logo.

WARN atrac3plus - SND ATRAC PACKET DECODER - Non implemented channel unit extension
08A77A64:[0E2A7B22]: jal        0x08A9EC88 [sceAtracSetDataAndGetID]
08A77A68:[34051800]: ori        $a1, $zr, 6144 <=> li $a1, 6144
There might have been an improvement in 74e104b when the atrac buffer size (here 0x1800) is not an multiple of the atrac frame size
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