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Full Version: pspe4all updates?
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Few images from the WIP texture manager . More to come in the next days...
[Image: img_02062013_171848.png]
check out the official page and stay tuned for more!
Wooohooooo that's good news,is there any game that was playable on early builds on jpcsp(puzzle bubble?)? I mean,this one is the first to be able to be emulated?
bubbles is also working as well , have a few bugz in graphics but they will get fixed Wink
That's great news,from what I've seen in the pictures....it doesn't have GUI like jpcsp,does this means that the options are set in an ini file or the emu opens a new window for the game?
there is a menu with right click on window. This has been done to be easier for fullscreen mode and aspect ratio issues
But what about requirements,yeah I know it's still to early,I mean,will it need the same power like a pc that can run jpcsp?
the only "big" requirement is opengl 4.2 but that might change till release
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