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Full Version: A problem concerning the loading speed...
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I am just a new user, and perhaps the following problem is just because my computer sucks...

When I tried to launch Jpcsp r2385, I can only get a FPS:8 (shown on the top of the programme), and the screen is lagging, that might be a big problem because all my actions are few steps slower than the AI, is that normal?

No matter which version of Jpcsp I am using, the FPS during game is never larger than 15, and the loading speed is very slow. ( I was using the "gundam vs gundam next plus" game as a reference)

Is there a possible cause of such situation?
Is that caused by the Jpcsp programme itself,
or my computer (32-bit, i3, with no external graphic card, 2gb ram) is just too slow for the programme,
or this is just a normal situation on everyone's computers?

Please help!!! I am not able to actually play a game... Everything is like a slow motion, and I can hardly interact with my AI enemy... :'(
A combination of both. You need at least a Nvidia 6600 GT or equivalent and a 3.0 dualcore CPU and 2 GB RAM minimum to meet the minimum requirements for JPCSP. Even then, people who got the newest hardware in their computers may not run at full speed because of compability issues since JPCSP is still early in the development, although I guess it is possible to say it is now in a beta-ish stage since most games are "playable".
Oh, which version should I use...?
the latest version usually tends to be slower...
I have tried r2344, and it can reach about FPS157 during the loading screen, yet the screen had started lagging soon after it entered the game part... And I can't save game on it...
There other versions save game perfectly, but the game is just too slow...
Intel HD graphic card is BAD.
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