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Full Version: some problems and a suggestion Jcpsp
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1-I wish if the developers read this, I am trying to run 2 Jcpsp, and that's fine, but when it comes to sound, its either both games sound mixed or I juts turn off my speakers (no sound).

what I want is to be able to assign each Jcpsp to a different sound output e.g (headphones,speakers,or earphones), so I can run two games and someone uses the speakers while the other uses the headphones for the sound and they don't conflict with each other , and thank you in advance Smile

2-another problem or question:
how can I run 2 Jcpsp on 2 monitors with full screen option checked?
(to have 2 full screen Jcpsp, one on each monitor, same PC)

3-another one:
when I play kingdom hearts BBS and I rapidly press start so the menu come on and go away ,after some seconds 5-30 usually the game freezes and I have to close the Jcpsp window from the black box or the Luncher -Appreciating the luncher BTW Smile - so what can I do to fix this and here is the log attached for this problem>>>

4- last problem and sorry for multiproblem Tongue
ok, when I try to make kingdom hearts BBS play 2 players same PC , I go to meirge arena and go "online" , and I can see the other player but when I want to start a match,game,fight.. it goes in a loading and then connection problem Sad and here's the log also-I renamed it to- "multiplayer --netClientPortShift 100" & "multiplayer --netServerPortShift 100"

(all logs made on same version and same day also)
hye it seems your problem with sound is okay but mine is bigger i cant play throughly and enjoy psp games like you please tell me how did ya make this emulator work.Huh
Please help me any developer, please and tell me my post is in the wrong place so I can move it or repost it where it shull be, and thank you anyways developers.
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