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Full Version: Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles : Wont stop crashing?
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Wont stop crashing. Strangely the music doesnt play but the sound effects do? The furthest I can get is past Stage 0 into the first level and it always crashes here. Sometimes after I press a button like jump, sometimes just randomly. The framerate is great and everything is smooth (except when it loads that stage title and fades it in.. that really cripples the frame rate). Also I was surprised to see that the cutscenes are playing... but that there is no sound, except when the sound fx hit at the end of the intro and the title screen comes up.

what is causing it to crash? Im using 0.6 Revision 3085. Now I just noticed it wants to crash immediately after loading the Stage 1. The error i get is "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION <0xc0000005> at pc=0x60a70s77 pid=4552, tid=5900

Failed to write core dump. Minidumps are not enable on client versions of windows

any ideas? What are the settings for this game? I found a few threads but they were like 3 years old and ancient revisions...
You may try this custom build then:


This is a modified JPCSP 3055 revision preconfigured with best settings for Castlevania the Dracula X Chronicles.

List of Changes:
Reverted some code from Changeset 2481
Which "fix" the Huge FPS drops when loading the Intro Texts at the start of the levels.

NOTE: Bear in mind this custom revision is aimed for best performance for ONLY the Main Game and not the Original Games ( Rondo of Blood and SoTN)

Also if you want to have the music enabled you need to install Sonic Stage
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