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Full Version: Help-God Of War Chains Of Olympus
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Hi i'm new to this emulator.i'm very excited for playing god of war chains of olympus on this emulator.but it's unplayable.it running on 4-5 fps.i did everything.but it not working.when i select use shaders,god of war not booting.but cube test running fine.i get 60-70 fps on normal clock speed in cube test,170-180 fps in triple clock speed.but when i run god of war,it goes down to 4-5 fps.what is the problem.i have intel pentium B950 dual core cpu @ 2.10 Ghz & INTEL HD GRAPHICS 3000 Graphic card.windows 7 ultimate 32 bit service pack 1.i tested different settings,but no luck.can u suugest me other emulator which works fine or give me fastest settings for this game.game is in .cso format.thanks in advance!!!!
Would better if you have an Nvidia Graphic card.
(03-06-2013 10:35 AM)shenweip Wrote: [ -> ]Would better if you have an Nvidia Graphic card.

what now,is there no hope???
anyone can help me plz,because i'm very excited for playing god of war.but this emulator can't run it.is it because i have INTAL HD GRAPHICS Card.i think ppl can run god of war because shaders working for them.but in my case if i enable shaders,it don't booting.so my fps stay at 5-6.anyone know any other emulator,which can run God Of War-Chains Of Olympus,which written in c++.because i think java is slow & my Graphic Card not supporting.can jpcsp team develop it more for Intel Graphic Cards???
Your machine is pretty low ended to run that game pal. I know the PSP is not a PS2 or PS3, but emulate the PSP seems to be hard at leats on java so if you want to use JPCSP you need a decent computer.

I own an average computer and i canĀ“t play both GOW because it ran too slow. You have several options:
1. Play JPCSP on a decent computer (Intel I5 2,5~3,0 GHz. NVIDIA video GTI series video card.).
2. Play it on your PSP.
3. If you own a PS3, play the HD collection 2 or GOW Saga.
4. Wait several years for a complete emulator so the compabilty were improved. JPCSP still on BETA as well PPSSPP.
i'd say ppsspp is in early alpha release rather than beta. it can't even do some basic stuff like a save/load window or configuring buttons. it's still very far behind jpcsp.
Ok thanks Guys,i think i have to wait till it improve more.thanks for your help!!!
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