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Full Version: Fate/EXTRA - ULUS10576
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a lot of things work pretty good, except the obvious mono at3+ sounds.

there's also a slight bug with the voices, if the sound filesize's smaller than the buffer size, the text won't start appearing until sound finishes playing/you press triangle to skip it. if the buffer size's identical to the sound file size, everything'll work fine.

5024125 [ATRAC3 play thread] INFO  hle.sceAtrac3plus - hleAtracSetData atracID=1, buffer=0x08A99B80, bufferSize=0x40D0, fileSize=0x40CC
5024125 [ATRAC3 play thread] INFO  hle - Decodable AT3 data detected.
pauses until sound is finished to display text.
4634094 [ATRAC3 play thread] INFO  hle.sceAtrac3plus - hleAtracSetData atracID=1, buffer=0x08A99B80, bufferSize=0x1450C, fileSize=0x1450C
4634094 [ATRAC3 play thread] INFO  hle - Decodable AT3 data detected.
plays sound while displaying text.

the music'll also sometimes fail to loop and stop playing.

some people said there's a problem with displaying character pictures on older geforce cards and some ati, but since i don't have any problems on my end i can't report anything about that.

shader implementation of either color mask or stencil test completely break the game display.
How is your speed? I can't get up to more than 15 FPS on scene with many characters and cpu utilization is only at 30% (Phenom II X3), while my friends 2600K do it effortlessly with only 16% of 4 cores (understandably though).
you can see it on the screenshots, around 15-35 fps or so. i'm using an athlon x2 240.
seems about the same with me, also how did you make the face portrait not looking like this?
i'm running the game in 3x size. if it's anything but a perfect resize there might be borders. any level of antialiasing will also create those.
Akh you're right, JPCSP anisotropic was the culprit Sad
Does the music play for you ? if so can you tell me in a detailed description how you managed to encrypt the iso file or link me to a guide ? I encrypted the iso in to a cso using " psp iso image compression tool 1.1 " but the result is the game playable w.o music and i have no clue about how to fix this x.x
you need 32 bit windows version of the emulator and sonicstage 4.3 installed for music to work.
it works , thank you serio '____'!

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