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Full Version: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - EUR - ULES01213
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Tested with revision 1542.

Crashes when selecting New Game or Data Install. Loops the intro screens & cinematic when selecting Continue, Gallery or Options.

If you need any more logs or information, please let me know.
Edit: Added some screens of the intro video, for some gratuitous eye-candy.

Running Jpcsp 32bit...
java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find executable
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.jumpCall(RuntimeContext.java:116)
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.jump(RuntimeContext.java:132)
        at _S1_2_890C370.s(_S1_2_890C370.java:48)
        at _S1_2_88971A0.s(_S1_2_88971A0.java:60)
        at _S1_2_88971A0.exec(_S1_2_88971A0.java)
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.jumpCall(RuntimeContext.java:119)
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.call(RuntimeContext.java:139)
        at _S1_2_8895538.s(_S1_2_8895538.java:76)
        at _S1_2_888FD38.s(_S1_2_888FD38.java:112)
        at _S1_2_8897E1C.s(_S1_2_8897E1C.java:36)
        at _S1_2_8906A48.s(_S1_2_8906A48.java:240)
        at _S1_2_8906A48.exec(_S1_2_8906A48.java)
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeContext.runThread(RuntimeContext.java:600)
        at jpcsp.Allegrex.compiler.RuntimeThread.run(RuntimeThread.java:45)

Intro and main menu:
Intro cinematic:
As a side note, as of revision 1546, the cinematic no longer plays; it instead outputs "[videoThread] ERROR hle - MediaEngine: No audio streams found!" and a lot of warnings.

sceDisplaySetFrameBuf (topaddr=0x95aa000) is using main memory.
Is the intro working again on r1547?
The intro does indeed work again in r1547 Smile
Could you please test this game again in r1562? There's a good chance that most "Moster Hunter" series' games may be going further now that sceKernelIcacheInvalidateAll was implemented.
Revision 1562:

Now proceeds through all menus! After creating a character and watching/skipping through the cinematic (if media player is enabled and audio unmuted, it plays a horrible noise throughout the entire movie), it freezes at the end and outputs the following infinitely:

1938     audioThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAtracAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340001,au=0x9c1c070,res​ult=0x0)
1938     audioThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAtracAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340001,au=0x9c1c070,res​ult=0x0)
1938     videoThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAvcAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340000,au=0x9c1c030,resul​t=0x0)
1938     audioThread     INFO     runtime     Thread exit detected SceUID=1043 name:'audioThread' return:0x0
1969     videoThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAvcAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340000,au=0x9c1c030,resul​t=0x0)
1969     videoThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAvcAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340000,au=0x9c1c030,resul​t=0x0)
1984     videoThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAvcAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340000,au=0x9c1c030,resul​t=0x0)
2000     videoThread     WARN     hle     PARTIAL:sceMpegGetAvcAu(mpeg=0x9c1bf74,stream=0x34340000,au=0x9c1c030,resul​t=0x0)

Tested with revision 1563.

Now goes into game! Quite difficult to play as there is no text at all and the FPS is horrendous!. Doesn't save, gives error about memory stick.

Compatability options used:
Disable audio (mute)

Absolutely no font is rendered.
Slow FPS.

This is logged constantly, even more so if Use Viewport is enabled:
1156 [user_main] INFO  stdout - [PSP](ERR)mlRpcQueueReferStatus : Queue is full!
1156 [user_main] INFO  stdout - [PSP](ERR)mlRpcQueueReferStatus : Queue is full!
1156 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unknown/unimplemented video command [cte](0)
1156 [user_main] INFO  stdout - [PSP](ERR)MoveRpcDataToQ : Queue is full!
1172 [GUI] WARN  ge - Unknown/unimplemented video command [cte](0)
1172 [user_main] INFO  stdout - [PSP](ERR)mlRpcQueueSend : IOP‘¤ƒLƒ…[ / ƒƒbƒZ[ƒWƒ{ƒbƒNƒX ‚ª‚¢‚Á‚Ï‚¢!!
Tested with revision 1578.

Half playable, albeit with terrible FPS. Though it is sometimes difficult to read, the font is finally displayed! Doesn't save the game.

Burried within all the unknown/unimplemented video commands are
76188 user_main INFO stdout [PSP](ERR)MoveRpcDataToQ : Queue is full!
76188 user_main INFO stdout [PSP](ERR)mlRpcQueueSend : IOP???L???[ / ???b?Z?[?W?{?b?N?X ?????????!!

how to set it? my JPCSP can't show the Intro cinematic....
(06-20-2010 04:38 AM)cena_axl Wrote: [ -> ]how to set it? my JPCSP can't show the Intro cinematic....

Read this thread.
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