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Full Version: program not running according to readme?
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Hey there, I must admit that I'm new to this, found it on a search for other emulators for the PSP and thought this was worth a look. There is a problem however, when I click on the .jar file to open the emulator nothing happens. I have also used the batch file and modified it according to the readme for large memory usage. In either case nothing comes up. I do have the JRE version 6 update 20, windows XP x64 (downloaded the 64-bit version of jpcsp), 6Gb of RAM, 2.3Ghz Quad-core AMD processor, and some interest in the program loading. Think anyone could run some suggestions by me for getting the program working?
you have to download the 64 bit version of java, most x64 users have the 32 bit version without knowing it
well, there's one problem solved, now to see if there's a set of controls for the thing or if there's a gamepad plugin. I'll check around the other threads for that.
goto options and it should be the far right tab
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