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Full Version: [Guide] Decode & Batch Copy PSP Audio / Video
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Ok I'll try..I thought that was a step to do after method B

Sorry,I've another problem..when I open Xpert there aren't any plugins to select..where I can find the plugin of ffVII cc?
Here a upload for me of the Xpert V2.0 + the pluguins.
There is 2 Steps:
1) Install the "Xpert.exe".
2) Extract the content of the Zip in the Main Folder of Xpert.

Hehehe, I hope that this can help you, say me if you have a problem.

See then guys.

Thank you very much!I've made it even if in some video ther isn't audio (only sound like walks,movement ecc) and when there is the audio the timing isn't perfect..it's normal o I have to do something else?
If the time isn't perfect when you are decoding with the convertie, put in 3r 705 and in khz put 44550 or 45000. If you have tried all these, try with 44850 that is like I have, I do with this (but I use the Spanish version, I don't know if this interferes in something) and it is perfect with me.

Well, try to it if this works or not, tell me Tongue.

I'm getting confused...

I tried Persona (PSP version of course) on it and tried Method B but there were no movie files I could get...even though I played the intro several times with some movies in the beginning. I get the other audio just fine but this is mind boggling me...
Okay so I tried the Xpert tool way but...how do I use it?
It seems I need a plugin to extract anything at all...
I notice that after a while, the audio track stops playing when it should restart like on a real psp. Is there any way to fix this? If not, you might want to look into it. Great converter btw.
as far as i know atrac3 files have a loop flag that tells the psp to loop the audio, there's no way that i know of to put this flag into a wav file, maybe jpcsp team could implement something or know some way to do it, but it might be some work since jpcsp would need to distinguish the difference from the voice and bgm audio (don't want the voice or other audio to loop)
Convertie v1.0.0.7 does not work in Windows 7 32 bits (freezes doing nothing), is there any other way decoding audio.
thanks in advance (sorry for my bad English , i am speak spanish).
i personally tested in windows 7 64b & 32b, I also tested on windows xp 32 bit and it works fine, make sure you have all its requirements installed and the program is in the correct folder (<jpcsp_install_dir>\tmp)

you must have soni c stage installed or it wont work.
so basically in order for the BGMs and voice audios to play, the emulator will just convert them itself thru gameply? so far i have converted the video audios and have converted some at3 using the convertie, but some still hasnt decoded.

and keep jpcsp connector off after using the converter right?
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