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Full Version: [Guide] Decode & Batch Copy PSP Audio / Video
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released :
Convertie 1.0.03
AT3+ can Be played on PC.

I'm writing a program to install the necessary codecs for playing PSP Media files such as pmf, at3 and at3+.
Someone who knows to work with the ax can create batch conversion utillity so that we do not require sonicstage to convert at3+ files to raw audio or whatever format jpcsp uses.

I tested this with windows xp sp2 as well as windows 7 ultimate and it worked.Thanks to Agent69 for the help.
The only codec I know of that can do "some basic" atrac3+ (if they have bitrate info) is sonc stage (openMG codec) and some other sony programs, to include them in a program or even post them without sony's permission is illegal, if there was a free or open source codec to use i would have done it already, that's the reason I didn't include them in my programs.
I'm curious, how exactly does renamer know the "true names" of the audio/video files, are they some kind of hash or you created an index from somebody who completed the game?
gid implemented a format for external tools to use, I generate the name off the wav fact and data values so it can work on mostly any game as long as the at3/wav files has these values (they should if they followed wav standards)
you can see here for more details
HIi hyakki
i need your help! Sad
how do i get all the at3/wav/au/PMF ???
could you put a link of the programme and how to use it please?
thank you
thanks for the new audio and video decoding sound.
Hello, I'm new here and sorry for my bad English.

I've got a problem. I used Method B to decode the files and extract audio from videos of Crisis Core. I got the files Movie.pmf.0.oma for each video,
but they don't play in emulator. If I open these files in Sonic Stage, they play normally, but in the emulator does not work. The AT3 files play normally (ex: The Zack's voice in the game), but i don't have sound in the vĂ­deos... How can I fix this? Thanks!
Updated convertie to version
The latest Jpcsp can now playback normal at3 files so I have updated convertie to just attempt converting at3plus files and an option to delete standard at3 files from the atrac dir, I have also left the old functionality in if you still need it just uncheck "At3+".
-Added "At3+" Checkbox
-Added Delete Checkbox (Remove standard at3 files, I still have to test this with multiple games)
Hello. I am sorry to bother u guys. But the psp I had got smashed by the cat(or so my mom said) and then she didn't even keep it to try and fix it at a local service store or something(very suspicious). The main idea is my sistem can handle the frames of the game pretty well and I got the sound to work on the normal game but not with video yet,using method B. Can someone pls help me by posting their atrac files already done with a real psp so i can copy them over ? I cannot do method A since like I said my psp got screwed. Can anyone bother to help me pls ?
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