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Full Version: Can't load saved games in Metal Gear Ac!d
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As the title says, every time I try to select Load Game or Continue from the menu it just kicks me back to the main menu again. When selecting Load Game the dialog with all the saved games appears, but after picking one I'm back at the main menu, same goes for Continue. This happens for both encrypted and non-encrypted savedata. I've tried both the EU and US versions of the game, fiddled with the settings, nothing helped. I haven't seen threads mentioning any similar problems so I'm going to need specific help to figure this out.
facing same issues here on both MGA games... even if i begin new game on acid 2 gameplay is pretty slow... and on MGA i can't even get the thing to play...
can someone remind me how to get the dumps if nesesarry?

which are the recommended settings for those games since i can't make them run not matter which version i use
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