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Full Version: 1183.001 - Eiyuu Densetsu - Sora no Kiseki SC (UMD Disc 1) - ULJM05277
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PPSSPP v0.31 27/11/2012 - cf135e5405

Menu functional but invisible
v0.5-219-ge7f5397 (64-bit)
Half-Playable, missing some graphics.
Some things to add:

PPSSPP v0.5 40dbdb8d4e 11/01/2013

Falcom logo plays, ends normally

Menu looks a bit strange and menu selection is not visible. This only works with Hardware Transform, otherwise the menu entries are not visible.

Ingame looks somewhat OK. Please note the N at the top that should not be there (with Hardware transform)
or without Hardware transform the needle is gone but so is Estelle.

Very strange graphical problems on top of the palace

Could not advance the game because the ingame scene is not triggered when going upstairs: Error: "ReadFromHardware: Invalid address 0a1b0b50 PC 08966da0 LR 08966d8c"
"Daddy, were are you?" Tongue

Log 1 is gameplay running around for a while
Log 2 is also gameplay but going straight to the trigger point
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