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Full Version: 2563 - Legend of Heroes - Trails in the Sky - ULUS10540
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v0.31-86-gd78bd1b (64-bit)
PPSSPP v0.4 04/12/2012 ab40b2aeef

invisble menu, when selecting blindly "New Game" it hangs

See also: Sora no Kiseki FC
v0.5-107-ga56f9e6 (64-bit)
v0.5-199-g40dbdb8 (64-bit)

Not playable past harmonica and will lock up after a battle is using a save-game.
(01-11-2013 09:39 PM)hyakki Wrote: [ -> ]v0.5-199-g40dbdb8 (64-bit)

This is really interesting. I tested the same game with revision 40dbdb8d4e 11/01/2013 and it always hangs at the scene after the intro where Joshua plays his harmonica. How did you get past that scene? Or is it using a savegame? If so, please state so in the review next time.
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